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Jewel Cichlid (Hemichromis bimaculatus) question.

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How do they do with other Red Jewel fish of the same sex? I don't want a breeding pair. Should I go 1 male for the color and risk aggression? 1 female (maybe less color but more docile?). 2 males. or 2 females?

Any expertise you can add? Do males really have better color than females? Noticeable difference in temperament between sexes?
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They fight. That's ok - they fight with the opposite sex too. I couldn't say that females are more docile, seeing as how my last one was a female - she killed the male.

As for color, there seems to be either more than one closely related species, or different populations. The ones I've seen in recent years weren't as colorful.

True story - I had to divide the pair, and used plastic canvas. She spawned on a flower pot several inches from the divider. He managed to fertilize them somehow - they hatched.
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