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I would like to share what I have done to date with my planted tank as a contribution back to the community that provided so much information and inspiration.

I don't necessarily recall how I began interested in putting plants in a tank, but I seem to recall that my wife brought some home from PetsMart one day and wanted to add them in. We did and shortly thereafter they withered away under the standard florescent strip light that came with the tank. But instead of become discouraged or stick to fish only I found a forum and bit off more than I could chew.

I will update this thread with additional pictures of the beginning stages of this tank, but for now I will share its current state.

Here is a link to the aquascaping section that gives before and after shots. I am really happy with how it looks now. Now I need to place that order for dry ferts and get on a schedule.

Flickr - JeffT72 Rescape
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