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Jebao vs Koralia

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I have 1 koralia 425 in my 90g, decided I wanted more flow with adjustability. I purchased the pp-8 by jebao rated at 180gph to 2100gph. I figured it would give me tons of options. Even on the lowest setting, the jebao is probably 3X the flow of the Koralia 425. I realize the jebao is a bit larger than the Koralia size wise, but the flow is nuts compared to the Koralia 425. I have 3 koralia 425 in various tanks, they all seem to be about the same so I know it's not a bad Koralia. My question is are one of the flow rates over/under rated? Just seems kind of weird.

Could have sworn I put this under equipment, is there a way to move the post to the right category?

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Yes I agree, I don't know how these are rated, but I have two of the RW-4 (next size down from yours), and at the lowest setting they are almost too much for my 120G.

The Koralia's produce a wide gentle flow, while these little guys just kick it out strong. At anything other than the lowest setting, the plants couldn't stay rooted. I assume that is what the reef guys are looking for, and why they are popular with them.
That's what I'm getting at, don't get how you are supposed to get 180gph out of them. I was really hoping the dial let you adjust the speeds further, but seems to only adjust the wave interval function. The difference in price from the PP4 to the PP8 was 4$ So I bought the PP8 figuring I could dial them down low if needed. I wish I bought the PP4's.
I bought a pair of them too lol. Pretty sure the other will be way too much for my 65g, even on lowest setting.

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