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55 gal - local pick up only - I live in streamwood, IL - $40

JBS Solenoid Valve (never used) - $35 shipped

I'm down sizing and have plants that need a new home. Sold

1 melon sword
several java ferns
several tiger lotus
several crypt wendtii
1 crypt wendtii brown
2 hardy waterlilies - l believe it is N.Helvoila. I know it is the smallest of all lilies , leaves are about 2-3"
and 2 plants that I do not know what they are. one is I believe is a water wisteria (but I might be wrong on that). The other is a tall (2 feet tall) plant that it's leaves is about the width of a blade of normal grass.

I also have an Eheim 2215 - Sold
And an Eheim 2213 - Sold
And an Eheim 2215 that is missing the o-ring, inlet strainer and female connector on the Double Tap Connector - I never used it (was too lazy to order parts) - Sold
Ideal 52-1-12 Needle Valve - Sold

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
Not open for further replies.