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Jbrady33's Spec V - first planting in!

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Built a hood! Build thread here. The crypts and moss are starting to grow a bit. After these pics I added 2 dwarf puffers - man they are tiny! Hoping they will grow a little, these are smaller than my thumbnail! :)


First planting in, a little moss from my other tanks plus envelopes from Petsmart:
1 pack Crypt Undulata (back left)
1 pack Crypt Wendtii Green
1 pack Crypt Wendtii Tropica
2 packs Anubias Nana

Hacked the stock light slightly to force the blues on all the time



Here we go again! New tank build, a "living room approved" Spec V :smile: Hope to keep one or 2 Dwarf Puffers - plenty of snails from the other tank for food! Planning to keep the stock light and have crypts, anubias and moss only.

Really thought my wife would prefer the Ehiem Aquastyle, but she was right about the Spec V - looks perfectly proportioned on this bookshelf (Bookshelf came from Wayfair - very sturdy and nicely built - lots of real wood instead of pressboard)

First item - looked a little "unfinished" on the shelf, and what if I sloshed a little water down the side onto the nice new shelf - it would get under the tank and mark up the shelf. Time to dust off the (very) amateur woodworking skills. A trip to Lowes, a 4' x 10" 'select' high grade pine board (pine, fir, something like that), red chestnut stain, one rattle can of Spar urethane satin, cut to length with a circular saw, put a little bevel on the top with a small router, sand and finish. Little felt stick on feet/pads underneath keeps it slightly off the shelf. Tada! One Spec V stand with a fairly water resistant finish. Nice contrasting look too.

One hint - don't get an 8" wide board, it isn't wide enough. The Spec V plastic base is a little bigger than the tank and wood is measured in "before finishing" dimensions. your 8" board is under 7" by the time you buy it and not wide enough (found that out the hard way, started off with an 8" oak board)


Initial Fill and wood placement (mopani wood has been soaking for a couple weeks - still leaching like a monster. Replaced the filter carbon with Purigen, got a second purigen too - I think I will be swapping & recharging them a lot to fight the tannins)

More to come!
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Just saw your post offering your Spec V setup. May I ask why you have decided to sell it? (Fellow Spec V owner)
Just time - 2 tanks (1 work / 1 home) made a fun hobby, 3 is already feeling like a chore. it was really fun to build, but it's the one I'm least attached to, and it is still new and shiny so hopefully someone will want it. Otherwise it will end up back in the box, stored away for someday'
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