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JBJ regulator or MILWAUKEE MA957

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Which regulator should I get? I've read great reviews on JBJ regulator but read mixed feelings about the MILWAUKEE unit. I think I'll go with the JBJ regulator anyone want to share their advice?
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I have run a Milwaukee regulator for years without a problem.

I have held a few of the mass produced regulators in my hands over the years and have found that the Milwaukee and the AZOO (have a couple of them as well) to be almost identical. The only difference seems to be the AZOO has removed the adjustable working pressure knob and made it a "fixed" pressure unit.

I think I'm just going to go with JBJ regulator. Does anyone know if this regulator will fit a 35lb CO2 tank? I have not heard anyone on this forum with that size of a tank only 5, 10, and 20lb so I was wondering if this will fit?
All standard regulators will fit all standard cylinders in the US.

The standard is CGA-320.
I've had both JBJ and Milwaukee regulators that have failed or broken. My experience was that both were very hard to keep the bpm steady. I've been using an Azoo for about 18 months - it's been rock solid since the day I installed it. Of course, your mileage may vary............
How about Rex? They are built really good, haven't read one bad thing about his stuff and I'm also a user. He also has good needle valves which would give you a better bubble count control. After doing a lot of seachering it seems to me you get what you pay for and as for Rex's regulators, pretty rock solid.
I run the milwaukee, and I havent had any issues with the bubble count...the selanoid is the POS part of it

I called tech support and told them what happened, and they took my address and said they would send me out another questions I guess they know they need to work on the selanoid

Like everyone else get what you pay for.

I havent had any experience with Rex's regs, but he is a great guy, and has several very good products at a nice price, so I would look at what he has

Good luck!:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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