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I hope it is ok to post here.

I found a rock outside that I thought would look great with Java Moss growing on it! I washed it off and boiled it for around 5min(maybe a little longer), and took it out and let it cool off. It is red and kinda grainy. I put Java Moss on it in a fishless bowl to adhere before I added it to my RCS tank. After 24hrs, the Java turned Olive Green to white. I took it off as soon as I notice the change in color, rinsed it in used tank water, put it back in the bowl with "clean" water (more used tank water out of my betta bowl), and put it outside in full sun for the day. No I added it to my betta bowl (2g brandy sniffer) and it has been there for about 4 weeks. I fert when I put it in...fert w/iron...still no change. After this happened I poured vinager over the rock and it bubbled (not sure if it was because the rock was dry or not, but it bubbled...not like an acid bubble though). I know it was the rock that caused this change, but I don't know how to fix it. I am supposed to trade Java Moss with my LFS in exchange for fish and instore credit, but I can't if I can't get it healthy again. Java Moss is sooo hard to find in my area. NOONE carries it.

Please help!
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