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Java moss shoots?

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My java moss had new shoots that's different from the it. It's very very bright green almost like glowing, and the stem of it is kind of flat. It doesn't look like a flower, any idea why? thanks
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Reason it looks different is because it's "riccia" not java moss.
I thought I only had java moss. It must've been single strand got mixed, I'll take it.
Unlike moss, I don't believe the riccia will ever attach. Some people love it, and use a scrubbie or hair net to wrap it around a rock or something to make a riccia "bush". I'm in the group that finds it to be a nuisance plant. But I'm old and grumpy, so the haters may be in the minority.
I'll let it be and see if it grows attached.
Don't think it will attach. I've never seen riccia grow roots. I tried it one time and didn't really like it.

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I love the stuff but be careful with excel or H2O2 in your tank. I lost a really cool bush I made like that about 4 years ago.
Will never ever attach ... This stuff is a weed, just like java moss. Java does attach and therefore is harder to get rid of.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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