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Java moss help

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I got some java moss from Malaysia a few weeks ago and threaded it to some rocks an put them in the tanks I also keep my turtles in ( RES ) well now the moss is turning brown in both tanks, one of my turtles striped most of it off the rocks so its kinda floating at the bottom around the rocks it was on one covered in a little sand anyway I only have the plant/aquarium light bulbs an the turtle bulbs for lighting in both tanks and I do not measure the things like the PH an stuff like that what can I do to keep my moss besides take the turtles out? I just got a bottle of Nutrafin plant gro to see what happens. I do plan to do a planted tank later.
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How long is the lighting on for each day?

What kind bulbs are you using (we need more information regarding your bulbs....what plant/aquarium bulbs are you using? Incandescent? Fluorescent?)

Also, when you received the plant from Malaysia, how much of it was brown? Was it sitting outside for a long time (temperature issues, etc)?
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