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I have lots to trim out of my 38 gal.
Java Moss... $7 for a solid golfball of java moss
Endlers........ Fry $0.75 each, Adults $1.50 each
Cherry shrimp $1 each for juvies, $2 each for adults
wild shrimp neos (not ghost) assorted for $1.50 each
Dubia $1 per stem
wolfia $5 per portion the size of a grape(dry) great for fry tanks
sags $0.50 each
No limit on quantity as long as I have enough
S+H on any items is $7 flat
reply or send me a pm
Offer is valid for 3 days then I will trim and ship out saturday morning.
All livestock will be in breather bags. Shrimp will have something to hold on to during shiping.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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