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Java moss dying?

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I have a question. It looks like my java moss is dying or is dead. This makes little to no sense to me. It's in a 10 g aquarium with dual 6700K LED lights with 660 nm infrared lights. Light is on 10 hrs a day, temp is 81 degrees, ph is 6.7. Plenty of driftwood. I supplement with fertilizer twice a week and use root tabs along with flourite substrate. My other plants - crypts, ferns, helferi, and swords are growing fine. Literally fine. Roots are across the whole bottom of tank. My moss is like completely dead though. Any explanation? Nitrates are at bay, and I use Purigen as my media in my filter from an aquaclear 30. My other two tanks have no issue with keeping it thriving and one is only a 5.5 gallon! The lighting is less sophisticated too!
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In my experience Java Moss likes cooler temps.
Is the moss new? Moss is a slow grower. It takes time to turn green. Also check the moss for algae. I had hair algae in my moss at one point, I thought it was part of the moss. Turns out it was actually choking the moss out. If your not sure you can take a little hydrogen peroxide in a syringe and spot treatment the moss, if it starts to fizz then algae could be choking it out. Post some picture if you can, its hard to diagnose without pictures.
My experience was moss dying with too much light, choked with algae, and too warm in my main tank. Dumped it into a cooler low maintenance tank and it perked right back up.
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