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Java Moss Dieing

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OKay so I tied some Java Moss down to one of my rocks in my 2.5 with some sewing thread and it just keeps dieing. It turns more and more dull until it just turns brown and dies. Any suggestions? ANd it only dies in the tank. The bag of it I have is doing fine.
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any pics of your setup or at least specs?

that might help ^^
My guess is there is a major problem with your tank...

Because if you can kill java moss:eek:

Pictures maybe? Tank specs more detailed? etc.

I have never been able to grow Java Moss either.
All my other plants do fine, but Java just up and dies.
I'm thinking that it might be to warm of water, 81F.

Not sure. ;) But it doesn't mean your tank is awful wrong. :D
My understanding is that it doesn't like real warm water. Also it's possible that you're tying it too tightly. It doesn't take much, you need bits poking out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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