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Java Moss and Frogbit question

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I realize its the easiest plant to grow but, of course, I seem to be having problems with it. I tied my java moss to a piece of mopani drift wood and to some rock, with sewing thread. I have standered (came with the tank) florescent lights on my 75g bow front tank. The tank is 24" deep. The moss is a yellowish-green, not the lush green I've seen in pictures. Granted, I just put it in the tank a week ago, but is it supposed to be that color? Should I add something (Florish, etc...), or is it just the lights?
Also, I love the way Amazon Frogbit looks when it is fully grow. I bought a small amount of it and have it floating in one corner of the tank. Should I be doing anything else to help it grow? Thanks, in advance, for the help.
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Frogbit requires next to nothing to grow. It gets its CO2 from the air so its only limiting factor is light and ferts. As long as you have good light it will grow. In my high light and EI dosed tank I throw out softball sized clumps of it weekly.

What is the wattage of the lights that came with the tank? And what K rating is the bulb? A quick test is to look at the light and if it looks yellow you need to replace it with one in the 6500K range.
I have 2 48" 32w bulbs (64w total). They dont have a yellowish look. I would say they are more bluish. Based on the watts per gallon rule, I have less then half of what I should. I plan on getting a T5 HO fixture and bulbs (in the next month or so), I was just hoping the moss would do better then I think it is. The frogbit look green and health. How long does it take to grow? Or will it, with the lights I have?
This is what they both look like.

Java Moss on Driftwood

Another angle

Frogbit from top

from bottom (notice the little roots)

Well, any thoughts? Should I add alittle Florish?
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None of the pictures work for me.

As for the bulbs, the K rating does not really matter; it is only for aesthetics. Plants can do well under 3700K bulbs or 6500K bulbs.

What kind of bulbs do you have? T12 or T8 bulbs? Don't forget that the WPG guideline was based on T12 bulbs, and not the newer types of bulbs. For example, 2 WPG from T12 bulbs and 2 WPG from T5HO bulbs are very different.
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