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I recently shut down my 29g tank. I now have more plants than will comfortably fit in my remaining tank, so I am selling the excess. These plants are currently in a 3 gallon bucket and have been for several weeks so I really need to sell them. They have been in a bucket with no actual lights and are losing some leaves. However, the rhizomes are still green and healthy. I'm selling these plants "as is" and am asking $35 + shipping. I do not have any heat packs, so please take your weather into account. Shipping will be $12 for a medium flat-rate box. If you want them shipped another way, I can work with you on that.

I would also be open to a partial trade. I am interested in:

  • jungle val (1-2 plants)
  • water wisteria (1-2 plants)
  • a few osmocote plus root tabs to try

Java Fern Trident. $35 + shipping. For reference, the bucket in the pictures is a 5 gallon bucket. Here are several pictures of what I am selling.

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