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Just removed these off some of my java ferns (they were quite ready). They are about 1-2" long, but their true value is in their potential to grow. Tie them to a rock and in a month or two they should yield quite the biomass. They are mostly Narrow or Needle leaf JF (not sure on the difference, but I've bought both), but there are one or two Lace/Windelov JFs in there. I'm getting a lot of these, quickly, so I will have more soon, and Trident too. $3 + shipping

I'm calling these "mini" crypt parva due to their size. As you can see, next to my glosso, they are small--much smaller than usual. And this is not a temporary thing; for many months, in two tanks (high and low tech), they have stayed small like this. They still throw out new leaves. They are a bit fragile and susceptible to algae. Here below is a picture of what "normal" C. parva looks like, according to google. Notice also how much less defined the lobes in mine are. So I'm calling it mini because it is definitely different, but I'm just not sure. I have more than what's here, about a dozen small rhizomes. $8 + shipping

I received this with some other plants I ordered a while ago. I believe it is Hemianthus micranthinoides, but I'm not sure. It looks like it could make a good carpeting plant. I'm not sure why the older leaves are darker. WYSIWYG $3 + shipping

I have a bit less than a golfball of nice fissidens. Some trimming and some "rooted," longer, forking fronds. $6 + shipping

Approx 29 lbs of Black, mixed flourite and eco-complete; used: $30 shipped.
Enough for ~2" of substrate in a 20 Long. I will keep it wet, so it *might* still have bacteria. You might want to rinse that, though, as there's lots of mulm/crap/leftover root tabs. Not sure if rinsing it would effect bacteria. I used a 7kg bag of black flourite and a most of a 20lb of eco-complete.

If you have any questions, or IDs of unknown plants, please comment if you can. Otherwise just send a PM. Shipping is $3 first class (won't ship C. parva that way), or $7 priority.
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