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Java Fern emmersion

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On the frontpage, there is a pic of Java Fern shown emmersed, sticking out the top of the water. I was wondering if it is possible to do this with most/all java ferns, or only that particular one, which is var. Phillipines (sp?). I would love to do this in one of my tanks, but don't want to wilt the java that I have.
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I have not seen it grown that way but it exists in nature submerged and on banks of rivers and streams.

Where is the pic you refer to? The front page of what?
That's a rotating pic, SearunSimpson, so it may or may not be there. redcrane, the "front page" he's referring to is HERE. I know a lot of us probably have the forums bookmarked rather than the actual front page of the site since we come straight here anyway. It saves a click. We tend to forget that there IS a front page :hihi:. Kyle recently made that a clickable pic, by the way; you can click on it to be taken directly to the plant profile.

I don't know about the Java Fern, but I know Java Moss certainly doesn't have a problem with it as I had some crawling out of my 10 gallon.
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If it's a fern, it evolved on land... And in some cases, it adapted to being submerged.

Just keep the air really humid and give your container a nice lid.
Thats the problem, I have no way of keeping it really humid. I have a standard 10gl hood with the two cut-outs, one for the filter and one for a heater; so there really is no way to keep it fully sealed, such as in a terrarium/paludarium. I was actually wanting to keep it open top with hanging pendant lights when I move all my stuff back home, but it just looks so good emmersed.
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