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Java Fern Attachment method?

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So about 6 months ago I had a 5g hex planted with a HORRIBLE snail problem.
The technique i used to kill the snails also killed ALL my plants :(

Well now I've got the plant blues and want to add a simple centered java fern plant,
I've downsized to a 3g and only have about 3.3 wpg.

My questions are
1. what technique can i use BEFORE i add the plant to the tank that it is SNAIL FREE. Any chemicals or method i can use ?
2. Any step by step instructions on how to attach a java fern plant to a rock/wood. Which rocks or type of work better.

Thanks a bunch for your help!!
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1.) Potassium permangenate, alum, diluted bleach. Research your plants and know what they can take. I use potassium permangenate (I buy Jungle Clear Water), and haven't hurt any plants that I know of. I soak for about 30 minutes in purple water (pink = not enough).

2.) I haven't done this, but I've heard a lot of times that clear fishing line is great.
2. Any step by step instructions on how to attach a java fern plant to a rock/wood. Which rocks or type of work better.
clear fishing line and anything with some texture will work best.
I like to use thread. From my experience, it works great. If I see an end work loose, that is usually an indicator that the roots have taken hold to whatever I attached it to.

What kind of snails did you have in your hex? You know there are ways to deal with snails other than throwing in the towel. :)
i cheated with mine, i weaved a wooden skewer through the bottom and pushed it in hole in the bogwood. works great, especially when i want to shake the debris off it :p
i second the fishing line. thinnest you can find.
I had ramshorn and gilled common snails. At least 200 no jokes!
A stupid person at my LFS told me to remove my fish and add a teaspoon of common bleach to my aquarium .. and watch the snails die. Well the snails died.. And so did my plants.|
I was choked!
Jungle clear ? I have the Jungle clear "tank buddies" tabs, Do they have this potassium permanganate in it? it turns the water purple?
I do have lots of fishing line and thread laying around! excellent!
I just ust a bit of brown thread or something. The roots will eventually take hold and the thread with dissapate leaving a natural attachment thats just looks better.
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