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My tanks are always evolving so I figured it's time to share, plus that makes it more fun to look back in a few months to see how far I've gone(off the deep end).
Currently the main tank is a 14g biocube. Here is the FTS as of today:

So wheres the shrimp? Here we go:

Livestock includes: CRS/CBS, Green Babaulti's, Brown neo's, blue pearls, Nerites, Cory hasbrosus, trumpet snails.

Plants: Anubias lancoleta, crypt lutea, crypt becketti, Green tiger lotus, Chain sword, Erio cinerum,

Fissidens fontanus, java moss, peacock moss, xmas moss, weeping moss, mini pellia, rotala sp., Althernanthera reineckii "purple", misc mosses,

banana plant.

emersed: lucky bamboo, wandering jew and philodendron.

And here is what the future holds, stay tuned to find out what this will turn into!:
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