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Continuing on with my previous updates...


Tank: A regular 15$ aquarium 10 Gallon

Substrate: Flourite Dark capped with ADA Amazonian soil

Lighting: Oddysea 24" T5HO x4 with daylight bulbs Total of 72 Watts; On roughly 5 hours a day broke up every hour with two hours in-between.
Ferts: Started with Seachem Products but now using GLA green starter pack as of December 12, 2012.

C02: Milwaulkie Paintball System started December 12, 2012 but before used DIY yeast techniques...

Filtration: Started with the Aqueon 30 but now have the Ehiem 2215 for super circulation and the use of my ADA lily pipes :).


Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Regular Baby Tears

Rotala rotundifolia; green

Blyxa Aubertii

Java Moss

Christmas Moss

Rotala Indica

Dwarf Hair Grass bought from PetSmart

Giant Hair Grass; Elocharis Montevidensis

Sunset Hygro moved to the 36 gallon

Rotala sp 'H ra'


Started with:

One Ottos

Starting Colony of Cherry Shrimp

One Trilineatus Cory

Two Amano Algae eating Shrimp


Four Ottos

0 shrimp :(

0 Cory

1 Betta

2 Neons

Green Plant Rectangle Shade Sunlight

Sept 15, 2012 Day four... Let's grow dwarf hair grass; Also, at this point I had added Dwarf Hairgrass I had bought from Petsmart. The other plants look horrible, I know but I had nothing else to add at the time and didn't want to many nutrients to cause algae etc, so I just added them....
Plant Water Vertebrate Light Pet supply

Before my first attempt of rocks I had collected
Water Vertebrate Plant Pet supply Organism

This was after the rocks but still was looking for better ones along with the plants :/
Plant Vertebrate Pet supply Organism Grass

Day 19
Plant Rectangle Organism Yellow Flowerpot

The layout with incoming plants; The new rocks that I finally found on the side of the road; boiled and prepped properly :)
Water Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Invertebrate

One of the Shrimp on Java Moss up close and personal.
Wood Terrestrial plant Sunlight Arthropod Natural landscape

Pregnant Cherry Shrimp
Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Underwater Aquatic plant

My one Trilineatus Cory
Plant Water Pet supply Organism Aquatic plant

Oct 15. 2012 45 days into the process with tiny baby tears added in the front left; only two little pieces though
Plant Vertebrate Nature Botany Pet supply

October 27 2012, 57 Days into the process
Plant Flower Nature Botany Water

November 1st, 62 Days in...New filter, hope it works without putting in to much oxygen.... Also almost time to do some trimming!
Plant Water Flower Green Organism

November 9, 2012 before the trimming 71 days into process....
Plant Water Aquatic plant Terrestrial plant Grass

November 10, 2012 After trimming 72 days into process
Plant Green Botany Nature Leaf

November 11, 2012 Top View
Water Plant community Plant Botany Pet supply

December 01, 2012

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Substrate would be nice :)
It was to come lol, I was just so excited to have this tank that I wanted to try and start the cycle process. :p I now know looking back I should have got my substrate and hardscape first and laid it out AND maybe did a dry start, but at least I have learned from my mistakes :)

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Got a question, I am having a stringy algae for the past few weeks; almost a month; so my question is what causes this type of algae and what can I do to permanently fix this problem because I thought my amano shrimp would take care of it but it has showed no interest to it. I have tried to remove it daily by cutting it off but it seems only to help it... anybody got any ideas?

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I am now starting to notice that my blyxa Japonica has started to regrow. I added 5 CRS to the tank Friday and did a N202 dose yesterday and did my weekly 20% W/C today. I will have more pictures soon but I am wanting to show how badly the blyxa had melted either due to when I first got it of the shock of a new tank or because I was using Seachem products and now am using GLA green fert pack.

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Thanks for asking, after I dosed the hydrogen peroxide I lost one and two shrimp a day a week later until I lost around 50 cherries and the 4 CRS I just bought. I am thinking that the hydrogen peroxide made the tank recycle. I did the hydrogen thing again this week and got the same results; the Ammonia has skyrocketed. I lost more shrimp. A buddy thinks it is because I just added Amazonian 2 and he thinks it is from it and to check my levels again in a couple days and not to dose or W/C until then. I did a 20 % W/C with water from my 72 gallon to try and take some ease on the shrimp.
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