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Jalli Luster Tanks?

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I was browsing through customaquatic's website today and found that they had a sale going for a Jalli 5 Gallon and 8 Gallon tank combo. The deal looked pretty good-- the only gripe I have are the black nubs on the corners.

Anyone have any experience with these tanks?
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I've wondered about those tanks also, but after careful consideration I decided on the Mr. Aqua tanks from Marine Depot.

A couple of the things that I considered were the plastic things on the corners even though I think the ones on the top are designed to support a cover. Also in these small tanks I'm not a big fan of the curved corners on the front of the tanks. Yes it does look cool and sleek but you loose two inches of front viewing area due to distortion.

I will say the lights that come with them are nice, but you can find them under the DuoBoy name.
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