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Hello everyone!

After a break of about 10 years, I finally got back to the aquarium hobby. I started a couple of months ago with a dupla 80L tank. This went great. Plants and fish thrive, but aquatic desire is not satisfied馃槀.

About a week ago i ordered Fluval Vicenza 260L tank with cabinet etc and now it seems that it has been delayed. Im hoping it is gonna arrive in 10 days the latest.
I have 0,7-1mm sand for the tank, a large mangrove and a dragonstone (ohko) structure. Technology: Fluval external 307, 300w heaters, the package has 27w LEDs on the cover and i ordered Jbl u501 carbon.
As the fish grow I will change the outer filter to fx4 if necessary. Inside the tank ill be using dupla pc1 internal filter to begin with since im currently preparing it in the 80 litre tank..

I ended up selecting fish that i feel are great and very underrated and that will have a good symbiosis and will suit my "semi aquascaping whatever" well :D.

5x Keyhole Cichlid
20x Cherry barb
10x Corydoras aeneus
2x Ancistrus Sp. Gold

I have Dennerle Bacto Elixier Bio x2 for the external filter and Denitrol for aquarium water and as mentioned im "cooking" ( dont know the correct work for this) the internal dupla filter to help with the aquarium start also.

10kg tetra complete substrate and liquid nutrients aqua rebel micro and macro nutrients.

I would likeyour opinions on setup and suggestions on plants. Good moss species to glue mangrove (im thinking weeping atm). Good hay etc in the foreground to cover (not sure i have enough light to start with). All suggestions welcome.

The limitation is probably that the keys and cherries need surface plants (suggest these in particular!) To partially shade the tank and tall bottom plants to fill the edges of the tank with bushy abundance of vegetation. So as i would like to plant the bottom with some king of micrograss. Im wondering if the shading of the floting plants (im going to limit these to one location) and the not so great starting light will prevent this at the start. Ill buy Fluval plant 3.0 59w later on to add light but at the start wont have that.

I will update here with pictures of the progress of the project when the tank and other stuff will hopefully arrive next week or the one after.

ps. My first post here and also completely new to this forum. People in Finland love aquariums but it seems the scene is kinda dead so i thought i might find new aqua hobby buddies thrue here. I always welcome progressive criticism!

pps. Happy Easter to everyone.

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Subscribed. Interested to see what you do with the mangrove!
Thank you.
Ill add two pictures of the mangrove as it is the only part besides the sand i have atm as the other ones are sitting in a warehouse in austria waiting for dachser to get its....together.
The mangrove is about 30x40cm (havent measured) but its a good size glob. It fills a 30L bucket so that it will not fit properly. Iw been soaking it with daily water changes for the past 2 weeks.
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