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I am setting up a small Iwagumi panoramic landscape tank on my second floor landing just outside the primary bedroom. It is always dark in the evening so this tank will bring in nice light in the evening

Twinstar 90cm 'B" line (Twinstar timer 11 am to 9 pm)
Oase filtosmart thermo
5lb CO2 injection with glass inlet and outlets.

Fluval Flourite black sand
Seiryu stone
Dennerle Baikal 3-8mm rock chips

I plan on planting a carpet of Dwarf Hair Grass and possibly 1 other small bush plant??
I plan on 1 species of schooling fish and either cory's or shrimp.

I set this tank up 2.5 weeks ago utilizing the dark start method.
The light and plants should come this week.

More to follow...
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Today, I added plants and fish. I am using the light from my other tank until the Twinstar B line one arrives.

Dwarf Hairgrass
Bucephelandra Red Scorpio
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini'

Chili Rasbora x 12

Next will be the CO2 and ???

I have not decided if I want to go with pygmy corydoras or shrimp. What do you think?

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I hope that’s a well-used filter…

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I use Seachem Matrix and I always seed my new filters with about 10-20% seasoned biomedia. It has been running for about 3 plus weeks. I did a 50% water change 2 days ago. I have been watching and feeding the fish this evening. They all have rounded bellies and are very active. I will check them in the am to see how they behaving. I can always do 50% water changes utiliizing the water from my other tanks on a daily basis if for some reason that the filter is not capable of handling the sudden bioload but so far they look extremely happy.

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Looks great!

What’s your ammonia and nitrite reading at?
I’d also recommend planting that hair grass in much smaller bunches. I fear you’re going to hit a die off followed by algae central.
Thanks, Good idea, This weekend, I am planning on subdividing the clumps, adding CO2 and cleaning up some of the substrate to get it exactly how I want it.

I do not test for Ammonia or Nitrite. I forgot to mention, I had this filter on another tank for a couple of weeks prior to setting this tank up so the filter is 5 plus weeks with a seeded Seachem Matrix. I am planning on doing a 50% water change this weekend as well and will do water changes every 2-4 days for the first couple of weeks depending upon how the fish and plants adapt. This morning, the fish are still super active and do not show any signs of stress.

For Water Changes: I have a 50gpd RO system and I add back in Seachem Equalibrium (8 parts), Alkaline Buffer (1 part) and Acid Buffer (2 parts) until the water is150 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (+/- 25 ppm).
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