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I've never seen BGA before is this it?

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Not the green stuff.
Its only on the two large rocks in the tank and it pearls with o2.
What is this and how do I get rid of it?

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oh yeah thats definitely it. Its caused by low nitrate levels and lack of water circulation. Ive gotten rid of mine by getting a syringe and squirting hydrogen peroxide on it until its gone.
clean it off the rocks the best you can and black out the tank for a few days to be sure its gone. It will only be contained to just the rocks for a short time, if you leave it soon it will be on everything and much harder to get rid of.
I left mine a bit too long and it took 3 hours of plant cleaning before i blacked out my tank rather then 15 min if i had done it sooner

peroxide is a good idea but it wont fix whatever is causing the bga in the first place, nor will a blackout of course but with a blackout you can be sure you havent missed killing any. has a good description of what to do and possible causes

good luck.

I know its low nitrates. I actually look over nitrates a lot. I'm gonna black this biatch out.
well spot treating worked for me so....its just alot easier to try that first then to do a full on black out if you dont have to. My bga never came back once i did that and got my tank balanced out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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