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Hello everyone.

My first planted tank :)


Fluval Ebi 7.9 gal

Lighting 60W

60 watt CLF lightbulb 6500K with a HOB sealed Lamp.


CO2 is supplied by a Pressurized CO2 system 5lb tank (Mike) with Ista 3 in 1 Diffuser


I dose EI weekly and 50% water change weekly (Niclog)


This is filtered by a Aquaclear 20 | Small Finnex Nano filter (for seeding for a nano tank)


ADA Aquasoil I & II mixed (Alan & Mike)


It's heated by 25w small heater


Just a small driftwood


There is no theme for the plants I've chosen. These are plants I have received as a RAOK from a fellow PTP NYC'ers that helped me get started (Alan, Kitty, Chris & Albert) thank you all. And the rest that I bought from few that I named here and else where.

Plants are as follows:

S repens (background)
Belem dhg
Bacopa madagascariensis
Lobelia dwarf
Christmas moss
Anubias petite
Hygro Sunset
Some red orange rottella
1 stem of giant baby tear
Needle leaf java
H. 'ceylon', Rotala sp
Red lotus plant
Micranthemum sp. "Montecarlo-3" (foreground)


Sundadanio axelrodi - 6 (1 .. I still have no idea where he/she went)
Carbon Black Neo Shrimps - 2
Tangerine Tiger Shrimps - 2
Pygmy Corydoras? - 15 (1 jumped and died)
Scarlet Badis or Dario Dario (3) 1 dominate male (Hope the other 2 might be females?)
Boraras brigittae – Mosquito Rasbora aka Chili Rasboras - 4 (bough 6 total again.. 2 passed :'( )
Ramshorn Snail - 30+ babies + a few adults (No 5 or so thanks so Assassin Snails)
Pond Snail - 7
Assassin Snail - 7

Live Culture

3 Types of Microworm culture (3 different media)
1 Black worm culture


Plants floating for

Emersed plants in the 4 gallon Finnex


Ready to flood (1 week .. dsm wasn't that great for me.. i'm very impatient)

DHG (Belem)

S Repens

Planted in with the rest

Finally Filled

With Co2

Week 2

So I squeezed out the filter floss given to me by Alan
and I just dumped everything in and the excessive mulm did this to the water *FML*


Some BBA on the Belem

Finally water change and cleaned the mulm with a pipe

Beautiful Anubias Petite and MC3 is finally growing well.

The middle is Giant Baby Tear lol
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