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Bringing you the aesthetics of Texas with the affinity for Sulawesi! This low-tech tank will be dedicated to a variety of poso snails and Sulawesi shrimp.

-20 gallon long
-Finnex px-360 (bio) and Aqueon 10 HOB (mechanical)
- Lighting: 2 23 watt CFL
- Substrate: Black Diamond Sand
- CO2: Excel
-Ferts: Osmocote+ tabs
- Decor: Texas Holey Rock (30lbs) and Cholla branch (coming soon)
- Extras: HOB Refugium/Sump (currently holding my RCS colony)


Startup: Positioned the rocks and added sand

Added some low tech plants. All it's missing is the cholla branch now.


All these baby RCS escaped my refugium and found their way into the main tank. I don't want RCS outcompeting cardinals, which is why I put them all into the fuge.

My first Sulawesi inhabitant! A yellow poso snail. Better pics after the break I promise.
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