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If you're willing to pick up from Ithaca, I'm breaking down 5 tanks soon and want to gauge if there is any interest from this forum. This is what will be for sale:

29g with hood, filter
29g with hood
10g with hood
5g acrylic bow with cheap blue stand and hood. Scratched tank.
Whisper 10i filter
Whisper 10
Tetra 30 filter
Tetra 20 filter
eco-complete mixed with some play sand and a little pea gravel
natural pea gravel, and pebbles, some black-coated gravel
fake plants
Low light plants: lots of anubias, crypts, dwarf sag, jungle vals, java fern
10 pieces of small and medium malaysian driftwood
An aqueon water changer python thing, but it the adapter leaks when attached to a faucet
LOTS of foods, such as lotsoffish samples, numerous samples of fry foods form lotocha, hikari foods.
Maybe a few red cherry shrimp
A few longfin white cloud mountain minnows
1 shortfin brown bristlenose pleco
2 kuhli loaches
1 african butterfly cichlid

I also lots of neglected houseplants! Lots of leggy succulents in terracotta pots. Lots of empty plastic and terracotta pots.

If you would be interested in this sale, please let me know by posting. I want to see what people want to buy before I break all the tanks down.

I wouldn't have broken down by tanks until April, but my pet bunny needs to be spayed, so this will pay for her surgery! She gets precedence over the tanks ;)

Thank you

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Various anubias, most are A. nana.
I think a fair sale price is $3 for the nice ones and $1 for the couple that have just one leaf? They all are losing their old leafs but almost all of them have lots of new leafs.

This is the driftwood I have. I have a couple more pieces aside from these.
I'm thinking $4 for the medium size pieces and $1 for the little pieces. There is an iphone there for reference.

There was a kuhli loach hiding in the wood when I pulled it out!

Next are the crypts. I forget what all the species are....
Is $3 per crypt plant reasonable? Little attached babies go with the mother plant.
Dwarf sag plants can be $1 each.

I have a few C. balsanae. They grow so slowly for me, but I've had them for about a year and they were lovely over the summer. Nice long leafs.
And I think the wide-leaf crypts are C. pontefolia or something along those lines. Please excuse the mulm that got kicked up onto their leafs/

A few C. parva and about a dozen dwarf sag plants.

About a dozen C. wendtii. They grow great for me.

I also have about 6 small java ferns. Their leafs have brown spots. $1 for two. They are free floating. HOWEVER, one of the pieces of driftwood above has about 3 java ferns attached to it

ALL plants are kept in a VERY low light tank. Water is ph 8.4, very hard, temp is 80 degrees.

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Livestock are up next.

1 male kribensis $2 He looked magnificent until my female beat him up last month!

1 neon tetra. Free. He's rather big and has been through EVERYTHING. I neglected his tank once and he survived. I'm so surprised at how hardy he is.

1 black neon tetra with a crooked spine. I bought him that way ;) Free.

4 kuhli loaches $1 each.

pygmy cories. $3 each. I think I have 4 of them. I havent seen them in a while so... maybe I have 4 ;)

Any ramshorn snails I have. Free.

A baby brown bristlenose. Free.

1 adult female brown bristlenose, shortfin. $1. Very hardy girl.

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This is a platy, under 1", it was sold to me as a teacup platy off Aquabid. Pale yellow with blue eyes. Free, since it doesn't look as vibrant or healthy as it used to be... but by all means adopt it and feed it up!

This is a hefty piece of driftwood with java fern well established on it. The java fern itself looks not so good. Java fern just doesn't ever ever ever grow well for me. Anyways, $4 for this heavy medium piece of driftwood.

Subwassertang. This grows well for me. It is kept at 62 degrees, very low light, and it is mixed with a little willow moss and java moss. There are RCS shrimplets in the subwassertang, or there were last week.
There are 2 larger shrimp in the subwassertang. You can see a male on an oak leaf above. There was one juvenile too.

The two shrimp will be free to whomever takes my two bristlenose plecos!

The subwassertang can be $2 for a healthy golfball portion (when squeezed of water). If there are shrimplets in the clump you can have them!
And remember, there is some moss mixed with the subwassertang. And ramshorn snails, maybe.

I also have 3 jungle vals that recently melted because I moved them around. Leafs are short, less than 12", and a little longer, just over 12." $1 each.

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Tanks and hardware and food.

LOTS of food sample packets. Lotsffish mix #2, foods from lohachata, lots of different fry food blends, like microkrill. Free with a purchase.

All foods below have been opened within the last 6 months, but barely used.
A baggy of decapped brine shrimp eggs. $1

Hikari sinking wafers, $2. Hikari micropellets, $2.

A big baggy of FROZEN Hikari algae sinking tablets, frozen when purchased December 2011. $3.

A jar of new life spectrum cichlid pellets. $2.

One 5g set up, acrylic tank that is scratched. Come with plastic plants, a plastic cave thing, PVC pipe. Hood and light, and Whisper10i internal filter with filter insert. $20.

Everything below: Make an offer because I'm a busy student and don't feel like looking up the prices.

Lots of other filters, Tetra 30, Topfin 30.

A 10g set up. Whisper 10 (very quiet!), hood and light.

Heaters, 100w, 150w, 50w.

Free rocks, free black gravel, free river gravel.

Eco-complete mixed with some play sand and pebbles. I don't know how many lbs, but it's enough mix for about 3" of substrate across a 29g tank.

29g, glass hood, old but working lamp, faux wood trim and matching cabinet stand.

29g with black trim and black hood.

Automatic timer.

Plastic breeder trap with all attachements.

2 net breeder traps.

Lots of Whisper filter media, plastic plants, used but clean sponge filter media.

Parasite Guard tablets.

Numerous OLD OLD OLD air pumps. Free, please get them out of my house!

It would be great for someone to take my gravel! That's the hardest stuff to get rid of.

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Anubias, crypts, dwarf sag all sound interesting. Is the round leaf plant an anubias as well? Please let me know what isn't spoken for yet. I am in the Ithaca area and would be more than happy to pick things up. =)

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Hi all, just want to update. I have a 20g tall with black metal stand for sale $35.
Female albino krib, a few black phantom tetras, and one big black neon with a crooked back (I felt sorry for it) for adoption.

Pick up in Ithaca only!

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