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Hi, Kindly note i've purchased (CO2 DIFFUSER SET-Code: I-512), i've added it to my (nano tank 8 litres) but the problem is my Drop Checker didn't show any color change till now (always Blue),
Solutions i've tried:
  1. Replacing the Co2 Cartridge with a new one.
  2. Adding the Drop Checker to my (big tank 80 litres - using Co2 Citric Acid method ), the Drop Checker showed color change to (lime Green - within 1 hour).
  3. Moved The Drop Checker Back to (nano tank 8 litres ) didn't show any color change till now (always Blue).
Hope you can support me with a solution or to know what is the reason of the problem please
Appreciate you fast response
thanks & best regards

Hesham moukhtar


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Hi hemoktar,

I see this is your first post.....welcome to TPT!

In order for a drop checker to provide a more accurate reading the water used with the indicator solution (that goes into the ball of the drop checker) should be 4.0 dKH. If you used tap water or tank water with the indicator solution the drop checker will change color at the correct cO2 levels. The other possibility is there is there is not a lot of CO2 in the aquarium you are testing.
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