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Is your CO2 tubing breaking down? are you using the correct type of CO2 tubing with your regulator and diffuser

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There is a lot of opinion surrounding the type of tubing that should be used to cary your CO2 from your regulator to your diffuser.

Tubing made out of Polyurethane is CO2 resistant. This means it will not become brittle and start leaking CO2 all over the place. Tubing like this should last indefinitely. Alternatives such as silicone airline tubing will never last and due to the CO2, will quickly become brittle and crack, causing leakages. This leads to instability in your aquarium.

When your aquarium has unstable CO2, you will find yourself battling with algae instead of enjoying your beautiful planted tank.

We offer five colours of Polyurethane tubing on our website. why? because it helps to blend into the background of your aquarium.To attach tubing to any of our accessories, dip the end of the tubing in boiling water for 2 seconds, then simply push it on.

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CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing
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