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Is USPS shipping (2-4 days) ok for cold weather?

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I will be needing to purchase plants soon and need to know if shipping from singapore (aquaspot world) or anyone on the forums is ok in cold weather. It is snowing right now, but temperatures will be fluctuating up and down this week. Would my plants arrive in good health if I opted for USPS priority shipping (2-4 days)?
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depends on the shipper. your plants could be fine but cold, or they could arrive as an ice cube. how the plants are packaged have a lot to do with it. i wouldn't do international because it will definitely take too long and your plants will likely be ice cubes.
I'd ask for heat packs. I've gotten shrimpcicles before.
Aquaspot world takes forever. Remember that USPS 2-4 day shipping is from the time the USPS receives the box. It might take a close to 2 weeks before you actually receive your package. I'll never buy from Aquaspot World again.
Ya, like I stated on APC, I think i'll stick to buying from people on the forums right now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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