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is this worth it?

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is this everything needed? (other than the tank) i am not sure if this has the i think its called needle valve? but if it looks like it has something like that on it evven if it doesnt say. its on sale so i though ti should ask. especially if it has everything,
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It has everything that you need other than the tank and the delivery method into your aquarium. You will need tubing and either a CO2 reactor of some type or a diffuser. The bubble counter, needle valve, and solenoid are all on that unit. Is that a good deal? Kind of up to you. I purchased a Milwaukee regulator for about $85 shipped from an ebay store. Rex Grigg sells regulators that he makes based on input from you. I can see myself buying a regulator from him next time that will cost more, but I will end up with a better unit.

My needle valve, for instance, is not that great. I have heard nothing but good experience from the people that buy Rex's regulators. I don't know anything about JBJ regulators, but I have heard mixed things about JBJ products as far as design and reliability.
It's a different brand (Milwaukee), but this is the cheapest regulator combo I've found so far on the net. Free shipping too!

I'm pondering on whether to get that one or not.
Thats not bad. I paid less on Ebay for the unit but more for shipping. It works out to be about the same.
Did it come with warranty?

I think maybe one year. I don't think that it had any directions on it other than what was printed on the box. It was pretty streight forward though.

I figure if it goes Tango Uniform on me, I will buy one from Rex. For what its worth, if I did it all over again, I would just buy one from Rex anyway. Some things just aren't worth trying to save a little money over. Based on the feedback from the people that have bought from Rex, I haven't heard one complaint yet. I think thats a good indicator of quality and service.
Yeah, a bit expensive imo, so I'd rather get something like this for that money
Well, I did, since it ordered it yesterday, lol.
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