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Is this riccia?

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Randomly had a patch start growing to the light from my phoenix moss awhile ago. I dunno what it is. It looks like riccia but I'm not sure. It started growing from my phoenix moss and slowly shaped into a V shaped growth towards the light. It grows slow.

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You are correct I believe.
Definitely looks like Riccia to me! Tenacious stuff, isn't it? ;-)
Yeah looks riccia I have ins of that stuff and I have no idea where it came from

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It's weird, it grows slow in my 12L tank with CO2, I don't even know if it grew at all. In my 10 gal, it kinda grows outta my moss but then stops and never really grows into giant clumps....
Actually it's azoo plant grower bed substrate, somehow attached to the riccia.
I don't quite get it lol
Well, hard to explain but when he say he found three snails and you say no those are just substrate...

Then I laugh! LOL oh well,
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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