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Is this regulator ok?

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I ordered a "classic" regulator from, and what they sent me, however, was from their pro series. This is what they sent me:

Is this ok to use for a pressurized CO2 set-up? They made an error - I can clearly see on my PayPal transaction that isn't what I ordered... and of course now I'm curious if this is still ok, and then will have to see if the fittigns I have will work for this one....

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I am pretty sure that is a private labeled version of the Micro Matic regulator. It will work fine. That is what Sumo uses on their regulators. It will take the same fittings as the classic, which is a Cornelius regulator.
Ah, thanks! I appreciate it. I'm really only familiar with cornelius body type regulators and this one completely threw me when I took it out of the box. And you're right - it does in fact accept the fitting you put on the solenoid I got from you. So.... sounds like I'm still on the right path! :)
As was mentioned, it looks really similar to the Micromatic line. I have two Micromatics and really like them. There is a seller on Ebay selling Micromatics for about $45 plus about $10 shipping. Not sure what shipping will run from Beveragefactory, but just throwing that out there.
There 542 looks really similar to the Micromatic line 642.
So born2lovefish are the 642 Micromatics good regulators , I see that SuMo sells these . I was thinking of getting one also.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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