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is this ok?! newbie needing help with 2.5G

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hey guys!! nice to actually find a forum that talks about nano tanks =) i'm new to this aquarium stuff but i'm learning relatively quick i guess.

i currently have a tiny 2.5G with a CT betta in it. i have a few fake plants (wanting to go organic soon), a heater that keeps him around a little under 80F. i also have a "semi" diy sponge filter box that is attached to a rena 50 air pump. i know that he prefers stagnant surface tops, but i'm really scared that the bacteria aint growing and he's gonna get poisoned by the NH3... i also wanna move him to a 5.5G later in the year.

i know i should test for NH3, NO2, NO3s and stuff, but i'm a poor kid especially being in university... the irony is that i'm a honors chemistry major...

wat does ur intuition tell u guys? any suggestions? all i can say is that he loves to hang around my heater, haha

thanks a tonne guys!!!
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Well, if you can't afford the test kits at the moment then the best thing to do is be safe. I think a good start would be to do 50% water changes twice a week. I'd either buy distilled water in bulk or get a "fish only" bucket and keep tap water sitting in there, in a closet or somewhere out of the way, let it sit so the water "settles" out.

If you ever get an extra $18 you could always pick up an aquaclear 20. Sure it's rated for 10-20 gallon tanks but I've put them on 1.5G tanks and the with the adjustable flow it's perfect. Set on low the water barely trickles out especially if you ditch the carbon and replace it with some pillow stuffing, new of course.
for half the price of an aquaclear mini (ac 20) you can get an azoo palm filter. i run them on 2.5 gallon tanks throttled way down. just perfect. you can get more than enough filtration from these units. i use them on 5.5 gallon tanks too.

agree with advice on frequent water changes until the tank settles in but don't forget to add the appropriate amount of water conditioner. better safe than sorry.
well i've had this little guy since the first of September 2006 and he's ok i guess. hmm i've been keeping up his water changes about 50% 2x a week since i was afraid that he might not make it.

i've been using aged water b/c i've read in other forums that itz the most natural way to rid the chlorine instead of dumping a whole load of chemicals into it

i'm returning the rena air since itz way too strong for my tank and he's literally freaked!! (he literally goes pale when he gets stressed). my lfs and lps dun carry the azoo palm filter although i would really like to try it since itz so compact, but the next option i have is the aquaclear 20. i'm gonna pick that up after i refund the rena air.

thanks guys. i'm gonna go and give that a try and hopefully that will be better. if i want to pick up a java fern, i'm gonna hope that my desktop lamp (w/ those fluresent lightbulbs) with this filter is gonna be ok, rite?
hey guys! i just just set up the aquaclear 20 and he seeks to be a lot happier than with the bubble box/sponge filter =) i just placed the same sponges into the box as filter media and i placed a sponge over the intake b/c it was sucking up his beautiful tail, so he's now all good.

about the ferns? when i up to a 5.5G. u think a java fern will do well in this tank with just a desktop lamp as lighting? and i wanna keep it simple and stuff and not hafta wry about algal blooms and stuff...
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