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Is this normal melting?

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I bought this anubias nana via mail-order two weeks ago. All my water parameters are normal, but my water is hard. The tank is 5 gallons, with a heater that keeps the water at about 80 degrees. The only inhabitants are a single betta and a single snail. I have a sponge filter with an air stone. I have led lights that I turn on during daylight hours and turn off at night. The tank has low-maintenance plants (Java moss, moss balls, anarchis and Java ferns) I am not using fertilizer presently.
Is this normal melting for a new anubias? Will my plant grow new leaves?
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No, that isn't normal, there's some severe necrosis from the root up. Usually the leaves would melt and new growths would show up, but from looking at your picture provided, it looks like the rhizome is rotting / melting which is no good. Are there any parts of that anubias that have hard green spots? Basically no melting? If so, the only way I can see you salvaging would be to cut the rot off.
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