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Is this low light for a 55 gallon?

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I currently have two 23 watt cfl bulbs over my 55 gallon fish tank. I currently have the lights running eleven and a half hours. They produce 1450 lumens each and have a color temp of 6500k. The PAR rating at 18 inches for these bulbs is between 40 to 80 micromoles depending on how well my reflectors work. I'm aware that this would make the tank have just .8 watts per gallon but since they have such high lumen output and PAR rating does this still make my tank low light? I have plants that need more light situated under the light( such as cambomba, e. tenillis, and e. bleheri) and plants that tolerate lower light further off of the light( java fern, anubias nana, and Italian val) with moderate growth from each plant. I dose Seachem Flourish two times per week at half the recommended dose, API Leaf Zone two times per week at half dose and I dose API CO2 Booster daily at recommended dose. My tank is lightly stocked with four black neons, six glolight tetras, four oto cats, one BN pleco, one bamboo shrimp and about ten ghost shrimp.

Should/could i add a third spiral cfl without causing an imbalance? What are your opinions on this as I want to produce the best enviroment for my little critters as possible. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated by this newbie of planted tanks!