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So, I'm setting up a planted tank with a turtle in it. Recently got a 4-pack Phillips bulb (23 watts, 6500K, 1600 lumens) and I only got one light fixture + timer.
I want to grow low light plants like Vallisnaria (sorry if i spell them wrong, its hard lmfao), duckweed, amazon swords, Red Ludwigia, Hornwort, Java Fern.
(This is a 29 Gallon High, the light fixture to the right is the light bulb above 23 watts...., the other 2 are basking lights. Ideally I would want the plant light in the middle illuminating the whole tank but idk, i'll maybe cut the egg crate to make it smaller)

3 questions:
Is my setup enough to keep them alive and possibly propagate? Should I put another light fixture on the left to compensate for the one on the right?
Any other plants I should look into? I asked on Reddit r/aquaswap if people had plants for sale and i got offered xmas moss, red root floaters, dwarf water lettuce (i had to turn down unfortunately because I live in Texas)
Does anyone know the lifetime on these lightbulbs? I saw a video on these cheap lights on EBay for like $25 for a 30 inch light. Maybe return these and get that instead? Ugh, im so worried because the first time I had plants they just died on me lmfao

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