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Is this Java moss?

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Hi folks,

I bought what was sold as Java Moss on Ebay but I'm not sure if it's actually Java Moss. Would someone mind taking a look at these pictures and tell me whether or not this is Java Moss?

Also, I was going to make a moss wall with the moss by taking another one of those plastic grill things I use for my upflow algae scrubber and sandwiching the moss between the two grills. Then I'd have the bubbles going through the moss and having light on the moss. Basically the moss would be attached to the upflow algae scrubber. Would that be a bad idea because I might have algae growing on the moss then? I hardly have any algae growing on the scrubber now anyway but there would be no way I could clean it sandwich if I did the proposed setup. On the other hand, I had heard that Java moss likes light and water flow so I thought this would make it grow quickly.

Here is a link to my google drive with the pictures:

Thank you! :)

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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