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This has a PAR chart on it for T5 lights. Measure the distance from the bulbs to the sub and you can double what the chart says for the two bulb Coralife two bulb fixture.
Try setting the timer with a mid day break in the light and a total of 7 hrs.
Removing the plant/w the algae doesn't remove the cause of the algae.
The tank may be able to survive that much light if it were heavilly planted...
meaning you can't see the back wall at all. But with less plants than that you need to tone down those lights to be algae free. BTW vals are very sensative to Excel.
Raising the light till it is actually at least 20" above the sub would help but 22-24 would be better. If you plan for the tank to eventually be heavilly planted, at that time you can always lower the light back down.
Unless you have one or more plants which specifically state that high light is required
you have 1.5-2 x the needed light in there.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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