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Is this good?

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has anyone ever used this aquarium soil? if so how did it work out for you and what were the benefits of using it over another soil?
Aquarium Soil - a perfect, complete bottom layer for aquariums - Tropica Aquarium Plants
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Sorry , looks like at least 60 folks have not used it. Maybe bumping to the top will get a better answer?
Can you even get the product from a dealer in the USA?

It looks like there are many in the UK, but if you try to ship a heavy product like that to here, shipping will be ouy of sight expensive.

So first make sure you can obtain it here.
I just use plain top soil from Lowe's (red/white bag), or Miracle grow organic choice potting soil,or mix.
Not something I recommend if one is inclined to uproot plant's or move them about frequently.
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