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Is this good deal?

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Today I bought this full co2 system from a local seller due to his move for $45

x1 Ten fts of co2 tube
x1 regulator setup with electronic solenoid
x1 5 lbs tank (still has about half tank co2 left)
x1 diffuser
x1 basic bubble counter

What do you think?

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Ide say that is a good find for the price. If the tank is out of date, a welding supply store can swap it for a full and up to date tank for the price of refill.
The seller said he only use for 8 month, but i will find the place to check. What happen if the tank already expired?
You can swap it for a new one for the price of a refill or swap.

Nice find! If you ever see another one let me know ;)
I wonder how much usually cost for the swap/refill of 5lbs tank
I will be the first to say it, that is not a good deal.

But it is, wait for it...

An excellent deal. I do not even use CO2, yet, and I would have purchased that. From what I understand a regulator with solenoid cost way more than that.
Thanks. As I know the tank alone is also cost waymore too when you purchase as a first time fee
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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