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Sorry I don't have a good magnified picture. But the algae is like a densely packed short fuzz about a millimeter tall. It grows on both plastic surfaces and also on the plants. It sort of looks like what is called fuzz algae, except that in the pictures I see online they are short isolated strands, whereas in this case, the fuzz is densely packed, like velvet.
This is in a shrimp tank with only a few plants, and low to no fertilization. Gets about 8 hrs of light a day. Since there are shrimps, I can't add CO2. From what I read online, the standard treatment is less light, more(?) fertilizers?
When it grows on the leaves of S.repens, it causes them to turn yellow and fall off.
When it grows on the Ludwigia Arucata, it somehow eventually dies(?) and turns a dark green color, coating the leaves. (or maybe something else grew on top)
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