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Is this fish correctly identified?

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This fish was sold to me as a Laetacara Araguaia a couple of years ago. It does look like the pictures I’ve seen, but it’s a lot bigger than described. Maximum size for a male is supposed to be 3 inches, but this one has grown to about 4 1/2! Until recently it has been quite shy, but now I had to move it to another tank to get it away from my Electric Blue Acara. They were either working on fighting or courting. After some aggression in the new tank, it seems to have carved out its territory and settled down. What do you think?
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I have 10 tanks ranging from 7 gallons to 125 gallons.
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Thanks for the info! I’ve recently started feeding some New Life Spectrum Ultra Red and something called Legit that is Mysis shrimp based, so I’m hoping that will help with color. I don’t want a breeding pair for the reason you stated.
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