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is this even algae?

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so, i found this on my thermometer the other day. initially, i thought it was snail poop or something but it's stuck to the thermometer so i kind of ruled it out. then i threw that theory completely out the window when i saw the same little things pop up in my new tank which, at the time, had no inhabitants whatsoever.

i looked through the internet of various algae pictures but i can't find anything similar. they kind of look like hydra but without the antennae things.

anyone have any guesses?

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seems to me its just dead plant/root matter
even though it's like stuck to surfaces? this picture isn't a good one to show what i mean since it looks like it's just wedged between the thermometer and the glass, but in my other tank, it's stuck to the glass in the same manner that hydra are. the only way to get it off is to suction/manually remove it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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