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Is this enough filter???

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So I recently bought a Eheim 2234 pro..which says it can handle up to 60gal tank. I have a 55 gal which I plan to add plants, tetras, blue rams, and dicsus. Should I look at adding a filter or will this suffice?? It's rated at 145gal/hr
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In a normal planted tank, people seem to want a gph rating of 5-10 times the tank volume in gallons. For your tank, then, you'd want 265gph minimum. However, for discus, I want to say it's even more than that. Can a discus owner comment?
Both Rams and Discus require pristine water conditions. When a filter say "handles up to" I usually think its going to filter maybe half of what I want. I would go with an AC70 or so, plus U can keep floss in the hob instead of inside the canister so U wont have to clean it as often. What kind of discus are U thinkin?
Well a guy i know has i believe a pigeon blood and blue that are a breeding pair...he had them in a 75 and about two weeks ago the tank broke and now are in a 20 gal. Im trying to save em but dont want to put them in too early. I started my tank a week ago.
As far as how long before you take them, for fish like that (expensive!), you're gonna want your take to be completely cycled. And for that size tank, it's gonna take awhile. Plant it, and temporarily transfer in substrate, decorations, and used media if at all possible. Even if it means borrowing somebody's media from a current tank and wringing it into your tank, then giving it back to them. You want as many bacteria as possible as fast as possible. Add ammonia (if there are no fish currently), add extra fish food (if there are). You do not want to transfer expensive fish into a tank that's not prepared for them. And I assume you know that discus require specific water parameters that your average tropical fish doesn't?
I have added tetras already and plants from my 29 gal. ALso mixing in a little water from other tank daily.
Literally take the media from the other filter and rinse it out in the discus tank. Or, even better, switch it out with the media for the discus tank filter.
If U have any extra seeded media on your other tank, maybe U can put it in the new Eheim U bought to help speed up the cycle.
As other poster stated, squeeze as much seeded media directly into the water-everyday if possible
LOL guess I was typing as U were posting kevmo ;)
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