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Is this caused by lack of c02

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Hey guys new to this planted tank stuff at the moment I had a juwel trigon 190 with two 28 t5 tubes

My plants I have had for about a week the new growth looks like this

Is this new growth caused by lack of c02?

Using the conversion table for ph/kh I got a co2 level of 12ppm

Thanks guys for the help
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Looks like it is due to higher light levels. They look healthy as well, not sure if I see holes or snail poop. Im guessing you are doing pressurized co2 + EI dosing?
No the appearance is not due to a lack of CO2. When plants have no CO2 they can't produce new tissue at all. The color might be a lack of iron which tends to appear as white new growth or it might be intense lighting as samee mentioned. When plants are exposed to high light they can change color in the new growth only. The color is usually red or orange though, and your plants look a little pale so I'm leaning more to iron deficiency without knowing anything else about your parameters.

What fertilizers are you adding and how often (on which days?).

What species is that plant? It looks like a hydgrophila of some kind.

Can you take a few more photos of the new growth close up?

Are any other plants in the tank doing something similar?

What size is your tank?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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