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Is this Blue Ram behavior normal?

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So I got this couple of blue rams (deemed to indeed be male and female by some kind board members here) but I have another question. I noticed some things about their behavior of which I have recorded some footage:
-The larger male seems to be chasing the female a lot
-They can both lose their color/black spots and change back to bright and saturated in the course of a few minutes
-The female sometimes rubs her belly through the sand (as can be seen in the end of the video)
-The female doesn't always swim away when being chased and sometimes seeks out/follows the male


So is this normal behavior or what? Are the bonding or fighting? And what's with the belly rubbing?

Thanks again!
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Nothing really, just continue with your normal routine. If you see them cleaning a rock, or driftwood, a leaf, or digging a pit in substrate then you will have eggs. Cory and fungus will likely get some eggs but the parents will take care of the rest.

Personally, when I get eggs I always get fry. But mine are in community tank and my fry never survived beyond a couple of days.

Watching cichlids parenting is always cool and exciting.
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