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Is this Blue Ram behavior normal?

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So I got this couple of blue rams (deemed to indeed be male and female by some kind board members here) but I have another question. I noticed some things about their behavior of which I have recorded some footage:
-The larger male seems to be chasing the female a lot
-They can both lose their color/black spots and change back to bright and saturated in the course of a few minutes
-The female sometimes rubs her belly through the sand (as can be seen in the end of the video)
-The female doesn't always swim away when being chased and sometimes seeks out/follows the male


So is this normal behavior or what? Are the bonding or fighting? And what's with the belly rubbing?

Thanks again!
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Great looking tank op! What are your specs?

As far as the rubbing behavior, the only alternate explanation would be something in the water is irritating her, but this seems unlikely due to the fact that it is only her, and she only does it on the sand...
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