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Is this BBA?

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I have only found it on the driftwood. I have a dw fungus but that growth is more "tuft-like" or fluffy. This new growth is dark green/grey/black and occurs in small circular areas as shown. The growth is isolated to a small area near the top of the tank (higher light) and near an area where an HOB returns water (higher circulation).

I removed the driftwood today during a water change and used a toothbrush to remove all of the growth. It cleaned away pretty easily.


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I'd like to find out the answer to this as well, I get those little splotches on the leaves of my java ferns except a tad smaller.

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Looks like the start of BBA to me.
That's EXACTLY how BBA started in my tank. Just start praying now that you've seen the end of it.
Was so afraid of that. I am brand new to this hobby and have researched the heck out of it, trying to avoid such issues. I understand BBA to be the bain of the hobby.

So, I would love a bit of advice. My tank specifics:
29 gallon tank
2 HOB filters.
Temp 77.
Finnex planted plus lighting. 7.5 hour photoperiod; split into a 3.5 and 4 hr period with a 3 hr break.
Planted with 7 anubias, 2 crypts, 3 java fern and frogbit. Was about to add more plants.
Fully stocked (per aqadvisor, 99%) with neon tetras, chili rasboras, green rasboras and habrosus corydoras.

Test water weekly before 50 percent wc which was yesterday. Ammonia and nitrites zero. Phosphates between 0.25 and 0.5. Nitrates between 0 and 5. My nitrates have typically been 5; I added the Frogbit about 10 days ago and that has probably decreased my nitrates.

I dose pps pro with potassium-phosphate separate from nitrates. Not currently dosing nitrates, but maybe I need to based on yesterday's testing? I use flourish comp once weekly for micros. I dose metricide 14 daily; I am building up slowly due to sensitive fish (habrosus). Currently at 1 ml/10 gallons. I have only been doing this fertilization plan for the past 3-4 weeks.

During wc yesterday, I removed the piece of dw from the tank and scrubbed it with a toothbrush. The algae wiped away without too much effort. So, the algae is now "gone" but I am sure that spores and other areas that I cannot see are still in there.

So now, I am faced with getting my tank right so that none comes back. Do I continue to dose nutrients trying to get my plants as healthy as possible? Or, do I limit nutrients until the algae problem is gone? I have seen both recommendations out there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have that starting in my tank with Co2, ferts and good lighting. I raised my lights, cut my lighting down to four, cut my ferts in half, scrub what I can during water changes and I see an improvement. Its just a matter of time, most aquariums will get it one time or another.
It hates excel. When I see it start I always crank up my co2 and spot treat what I can with excel. Usually doesn't return if your co2 is high and consitant
Yeah, I am hoping that increasing my glut will help with the problem, but I am still in a slow build-up phase. I am increasing it weekly and watching how my corydoras do as I have heard they can be sensitive.
weirdly enough this is the one algae that Im fine with having...only occurs in tanks for me that are lowtech/low maintenance...aka ones that I dont dose ferts in/or use co2
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