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Here is my fertilizer dosing:
1.5ml ADA Brighty K daily (recommend 1ml)
1.5 ml ADA Green Brighty Step 2 daily (recommend 1ml)
1ml pfertz Nitrogen 1-2 time weekly (no does if Nitrate is 20+ ppm)
0.3ml Seachem Phosphate 1-2 time weekly
2 drops ADA ECA (Iron) twice a week (after water change)
3/4 teaspoon Seachem Equilibrium daily to maintain 6gH
CO2 1 BPS 1 hours before light on, and 1 hr before light off, ADA drop checker light green at 30 ppm
Light on 7 hours every day.
Temp: 76F
2 Water Change each week: 30% on Wed & 40% on Sun

Water tested by API test kits:
pH: 7.6 (in the morning before CO2 injection)
pH: 6.8 (at middle of photo period with CO2 on)
gH: 6
kH: 4
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20-40ppm
Phosphate: 0.25ppm

Fish: 6 Emerald tetra, 1 Bristlenose
Shrimp: 4 Amano
Feed fish every 2nd day

I use Excel on this algae, it turn white, but it keep comes back.

By the way it is a 5G ADA tank.

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I've had good luck trimming off highly affected leaves with BBA and then dosing 2ml/gallon of hydrogen peroxide. I turn off my canister but keep running my power head, for a half hour or so and then do my normal 50% water change. In a day or two any BBA I missed or couldn't see turns bright red and dies off. I've done this both with and without following up dosing excel and had good results (1-2 punch method).
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