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Is this a Red back salamander?

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I was camping in the middle of the summer and i was out and saw some rotten wood laying around and thot id find a snake or something, and i found some sort of lizard or salamander and got it and took a video of it and the video will be up in about 30 min. I was wondering if it really is a Red back salamander what do they eat and how big of a tank do they need ect. I might just set up a tank for some or a Red back salamander. After i took a video of it i let it go back where i got it from.
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Yeah it's a red back. A very common salamander in the eastern USA.
Very common is an understatement, that little lung-less salamander is the animal that represents the largest vertebrate biomass in Northeastern woodlands per acre as measured by the people at SUNY - Stony Brook. It was a trick question someone planned for my thesis defense. I actually knew that answer, but I answered too fast. So they continued, "Why do you think that is so?" Ecological theory, fun stuff, I gave them that answer too.
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